Client References

Hear what some of our clients have to say about us:


Manager of Facilities, National Retailer
“What sets Abaco apart from other companies is their ability to anticipate a clients needs, sometimes before even the client knows what those need are.  They are always the first contractor to go above and beyond with additional reporting, spreadsheets, and information.  Their internal office staff is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful.  There is never a need to ask for a specific person because there are always any number of people that can answer your questions.  Their work is always top quality and they partner with the client constantly to do what’s best for the stores.  If a project is presented to them that they are unable to complete successfully due to budget or time frames, they will partner with the client to do what’s best.  Abaco isn’t just a company, they are group of highly dedicated individuals who understand the challenges that face the client on a daily basis.”


Director Construction Operations, Lbrands

“We have hired ABACO as a General Maintenance Contractor more than once, Top qualities:  Great Results, Expert, High Integrity ABACO is customer focused and looking to understand and continually provide value to clients at every level.  Through ABACO’s efforts, a very large maintenance program affecting a large number of stores was executed seamlessly – on time, on budget, and with very satisfied store managers!  ABACO has my highest recommendation.”


Manager of Store Facilities, DSW

“We utilize Abaco for Construction Projects, Plumbing, Electrical, and Handyman Repairs for the majority of our stores on the East Coast.  Abaco additionally rose to the challenge of converting two of our key Manhattan stores to duel gender prior to the 2002 holiday season.  This entailed repainting the entire stores, refinishing the floors, installing new signs, and other miscellaneous renovation work.  These projects were completed in a record three weeks with no interruption to the business!”


Vice President Store Operations and Maintenance, Lbrands
“I have used ABACO for many projects and always find them to be very detailed, consistent and reliable in their work habits.  They actually worked so well on a current shelving project that we used them to train other vendors and provide quality assessment surveys on completed work.  They were very professional and constant with the value add they provided the project.”


Victoria’s Secret, Project Manager
“Amanda has grown a very successful business in the years I’ve worked with her and I would recommend the Abaco Corporation to anyone looking for quality worksmanship, a trustworthy team and consistent results time and time again.I began hiring Abaco and working with Amanda when I was a Facility Coordinator at Express.  As my experience and position grew within Lbrands, I continued to hire Abaco for larger and larger projects…always getting the results I expected.  Her pricing is fair and she has always met the strict deadlines of the Retail Industry.  Throughout my career, I will continue to work with Abaco and to promote their business.”

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